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Previously, informational letters (ILs) were mostly used to announce a new regulatory direction or technical requirements. A few of them, however, contained requirements. Although these documents are no longer published, some of them are still in effect. If you notice a broken link or out-of-date email address or phone number, please contact our Customer Contact Centre.

Number Name Status Date
IL 99-06 Conventional Crude Oil Pools Granted Good Production Practice Status In Effect December 09, 1999
IL 98-02 Suspension, Abandonment, Decontamination, and Surface Land Reclamation of Upstream Oil and Gas Facilities In Effect March 26, 1998
IL 98-01 A Memorandum of Understanding Between Alberta Environmental Protection and the Alberta Energy and Utilities Board Regarding Coordination of Release Notification Requirements and Subsequent Regulatory Response In Effect February 06, 1998
IL 94-11 Good Production Practice Conventional Crude Oil Pools In Effect June 01, 1994
IL 94-04 Storage of Hydrocarbons in Underground Formations Rescinded April 07, 1994
IL 94-02 Injection and Disposal Wells [Rescinded by Directive 051: Injection and Disposal Wells and Part 6 of the Oil and Gas Conservation Rules] Rescinded March 16, 1994
IL 93-09 Oil and Gas Developments Eastern Slopes (Southern Portion) In Effect December 13, 1993
IL 93-04 Policy for the Logging of the Horizontal Wells [Rescinded by Directive 080: Well Logging] Rescinded June 30, 1993
IL 92-11 Experimental Schemes - Release of Information In Effect October 26, 1992
IL 91-11 Coalbed Methane Regulation In Effect August 26, 1991
IL 91-05 Good Production Practice Conventional Crude Oil Pools In Effect March 31, 1991
IL 90-21 Oil and Gas Development - Rumsey Block In Effect November 26, 1990
IL 90-03 Applications for Special MRLs, GPP, and GOR Penalty Relief In Effect April 05, 1990
IL 88-01 Submission of Mud Log Data [Rescinded by Directive 080: Well Logging] Rescinded January 06, 1988
IL 87-12 Horizontal Wells Conventional Oil and Gas Pools In Effect November 03, 1987
IL 85-12 Oil Sands Primary Production: Well Spacing Primary Recovery Scheme Approvals In Effect August 01, 1985
IL 85-10 Maximum Daily Rates of Production for Gas Wells In Effect January 01, 1985
IL 84-11 Approval, Monitoring, and Control of Sulphur Storage Sites In Effect October 29, 1984
IL 83-02 Procedure for Submissions: Annual Reservoir Review for Gas Pools [Rescinded by Bulletin 2019-25] Rescinded March 28, 1983
IL 82-13 Off-Target Penalty Factors for Exploration Wells April 07, 1982
IL 82-11 Preservation of Archaeological, Palaeontological, and Historical Resources: Policy Update [Rescinded by AER Bulletin 2014-16: Regulatory Document Review] Rescinded March 05, 1982
IL 81-30 Experimental Schemes Involving a Large Array of Wells and Close Well Spacing In Effect December 11, 1981
IL 80-23 Experimental Schemes In Effect September 16, 1980
IL 79-16 Revised Incinerator Stack Exit Temperature Criteries for Plants Processing Sour Gas In Effect August 03, 1979
IL-OG 78-12 Policy on Experimental Schemes - Conventional Oil Pools or Oil Sands In Effect September 26, 1978
IL-OG 76-24 Stack Exit Temperatures for Acid Gas Incinerators Associated with Gas Processing Plants In Effect December 15, 1976
IL-OG 76-14 Drill Cuttings and Core In Effect July 12, 1976