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The following forms are for landowners who are interested in registering their private surface agreement (PSA). A PSA is a written, signed, and dated contract between a landowner and an energy company. The contract outlines how the company is permitted to access and use the land. In most cases, these agreements are clear and both parties understand their rights and responsibilities.

Learn more about PSAs and our Private Surface Agreement Registry (PSAR).

Please be aware that forms may be removed from this page as we continue to transfer application processes to OneStop.


PSA Registration Forms
If you are a landowner, you may register a PSA if you own or occupy land where an energy development exists or is proposed, and have entered into a PSA with a company after November 30, 2013.

  • PSA Registration Form [PDF]

    • How to Fill Out the PSAR Registration Form [PDF]

Section 64 Requests
By submitting a section 64 request, you are asking us to determine whether a company has complied with a term or condition of your PSA. But before you do so, we encourage you to contact the company directly to try to resolve the issue. You may also contact staff at your local AER field centre for assistance.

  • Section 64 Request Form [PDF]

    • How to Fill Out the Section 64 Form [PDF]