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Resource - Stories With Energy

The business of making sure that energy developmnet happens safely can be complex. To help bring clarity to these complexities, we created Resource for sharing stories, images, and videos on energy development and how it's regulated in Alberta
Urban wells are business as usual in the place known as "Gas City"
Urban wells are business as usual in the place known as "Gas City"

There is a good reason why Medicine Hat is affectionately known as "The Gas City." Just 58…

Safety & Enforcement
How Alberta’s youth are influencing the future of energy development.

High school – People often associate those formative (and oh so awkward) years with…

Expanding drone technology took flight at the Western Regulators Forum.

Look up. Look way up. That gently buzzing bird you see near regulated oil and gas…

In the News
AER issues care and custody order to protect public safety and the environment

The Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) has issued an order after repeated failure by Mojek…

How the AER’s leading technology helps us learn about human-caused earthquakes

Just like humans, not all earthquakes are the same. Earthquakes caused by human activities…