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Our governance structure is designed to provide both strong corporate oversight and independent adjudication. Corporate, operational, and governance responsibilities are separate from our adjudicative functions (i.e., hearings on energy applications).

Board of Directors

A chair heads the AER and leads a board of directors, who together set the general direction of our business affairs but are not involved in the day-to-day operations and decisions.

Executive Leadership

Our chief executive officer is accountable for day-to-day operations, and our executive leadership team oversees the AER’s various divisions and branches.

Hearing Commissioners

Reporting to a chief hearing commissioner, hearing commissioners are independent adjudicators who make informed decisions about energy applications.

Expense Disclosure

We disclose expenses of our board of directors, hearing commissioners, and executive leadership team.

Public Sector Compensation Transparency Act

We are required by law to disclose the names, positions, earnings, nonmonetary benefits, and severance of all current and former employees earning a specific dollar amount.

Code of Conduct and Ethics

Our board of directors, hearing commissioners, and employees are all bound by a strict code of conduct and ethics. Under the code, people in these positions

  • must conduct themselves impartially in carrying out their duties;
  • are prohibited from acting in self-interest or furthering their own personal interests by virtue of their positions or through carrying out their duties;
  • are prohibited from having a direct or indirect monetary or financial interest (including securities) in issuers or entities regulated by the AER, unless those interests are held in a blind trust arrangement that complies with the Alberta government’s Conflict of Interest Act; and
  • must disclose real and potential conflicts of interest, including ownership of prohibited assets.

Mandate and Roles

The Mandate and Roles Document for the AER has been developed collaboratively among the Minister of Environment and Parks and the Minister of Energy and the AER to reflect a common understanding of their respective roles and responsibilities.

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