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Energy companies use the following reference codes to submit data to us and to interpret data and reports, including our statistical reports (ST). Our codes are provided in

  • a list of wells in Alberta (ST37);
  • a list of all of the reporting facilities in Alberta (ST102); 
  • lists that include all business associate (BA) codes that pertain to licensees and agents (ST104 and ST104A);
  • a list of field and pool codes (ST103); and
  • a basic well code conversion file. 

List of Wells in Alberta (ST37) (updated monthly)

ST37 lists basic information about wells in Alberta, such as well identifiers, well names, licence numbers, field/pool, operators, and licensees (PDF and TXT formats available).

Facility List (ST102) (updated daily)

ST102 lists all batteries, gas plants, meter stations, and other facilities in Alberta. It includes frequently requested information such as operator name and facility subtype descriptions. The list has two parts:

  • Part A – List of new and active facilities [PDF] [TXT]
  • Part B – List of other facilities [PDF] [TXT

Basic Well Code Conversion File 

Our Basic Well Code Conversion File [ZIP], updated on the last day of every month, consists of codes and their corresponding descriptions for various well-related information. For details on file content and layout, please refer to this layout document.

Field and Pool Codes – ST103
(all lists are updated monthly except the commingled pool list which is updated daily)


 Field Codes  PDF Excel  TXT 
 Field and Pool Codes  PDF Excel  TXT 
 Commingled Pool List (Updated daily)  PDF Excel  TXT 
 Multifield Pool List  PDF Excel  TXT 
 Formations – Alphabetical List  PDF Excel TXT
 Formations – Numerical List  PDF Excel  TXT 

Definitions for Users

Energy development category type

Energy development category type (EDCT) identifies the energy development type for which a facility is currently licensed, and the minimum consultation and notification requirements.

Facility subtype 

A facility subtype is a more detailed classification of a facility type. An operator must assign a subtype when applying for a facility ID in Petrinex. Petrinex validates the facility subtype selection with the facility licence data. For example, facility subtype 405—gas-plant sulphur recovery—is a subtype of the gas-plant facility type. See the EDCT Code and Facility Subtype [PDF] document for more examples.

Please note: The Petrinex facility subtype typically does not change once assigned and might not reflect the subtype of the currently operating facility. EDCT codes, assigned at the licence level, do reflect the current licence type. If two or more facilities are on the same licence, the EDCT code of the highest-priority facility will be assigned to all facilities on that licence.

Licensee agent codes – ST104 (alphabetical by licensee) [XLSX(updated monthly) 

ST104 provides business associate (BA) codes for all registered licensees and agents. This list is a subset of the larger business associate codes list noted below.

Business associate codes – ST104A (alphabetical by company name) [XLSX(updated monthly) 

ST104A provides business associate (BA) codes for companies, including licensees and agents. It also lists companies that have codes but are not registered licensees or agents (e.g., drilling companies).