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Holding Industry Accountable

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Redwater Decision

The Supreme Court of Canada ruled in favour of the AER and Orphan Well Association’s (OWA’s) appeal of the Redwater decision. 

Industry Performance

Industry Performance

Our industry performance program holds companies accountable for their actions and helps ensure that energy resources are developed in a safe and responsible manner.

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Compliance Dashboard

Our Compliance Dashboard details our work to respond to and investigate incidents, enforce the rules, and ensure that companies comply with our rules. 

Reporting on Our Progress


Read our 2017/18 Annual Report

Our latest annual report is now available as a fully interactive website. Stories, videos, and images highlight what we’ve been up to and what we’ve accomplished over the past year.

View the interactive website.

Download an executive summary.

Giving Albertans a Voice

Have Your Say

Have Your Say

We ensure that there are lots of opportunities get involved in the discussion about energy development and regulation.

Indigenous Engagement

Indigenous Engagement

We are looking at new ways to engage with indigenous communities across the province.

File a Complaint

File a Complaint

Let us know if something is happening at an energy operation or site that could have a negative impact on public safety or the environment.


Protecting the Environment

We are committed to monitoring the environmental impacts of energy development and protecting what matters to Albertans: land, water, air, and biodiversity.

Our work includes allocating and conserving water, managing public lands, monitoring industry activity, and assessing environmental risk of proposed energy projects. Learn more: