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We publish statistical reports (STs) on a regular basis to showcase and report on industry activity in Alberta. These daily, weekly, monthly, annual, and other reports detail everything from drilling activity to pipeline approvals to provincial energy reserves.

Statistical reports are either accessible here for free or can be ordered for a fee through our Products and Services Catalogue. Review the catalogue for product options and prices.

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We publish industry activity lists, data, reports, and other information on a regular basis. Find more information on our Activity and Data page.

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Number Name Date Availability
ST2 Alberta Drilling Progress Weekly Report July 08, 2020 Updated weekly
ST1 Well Licences Issued Updated daily
ST3 Alberta Energy Resource Industries Monthly Statistics June 30, 2020 Updated monthly (1 months in arrears)
ST13 Alberta Gas Plant/Gas Gathering System Statistics June 25, 2020 Updated monthly (1 month in arrears)
ST26 Alberta Coal Industry Monthly Statistics June 15, 2020 Updated monthly (2 months in arrears)
ST31 Reserves of Coal, Province of Alberta November 26, 2000 No longer updated
ST37 List of Wells in Alberta Monthly Updates July 03, 2020 Updated monthly
ST38 Crude Bitumen Reserves Atlas (1996 edition) May 01, 1996 No longer updated
ST39 Alberta Mineable Oil Sands Plant Statistics Monthly Supplement June 23, 2020 Updated monthly (3 months in arrears)
ST44 Active Oil Sands Schemes Quarterly Edition June 05, 2020 Updated quarterly
ST45 Operating and Abandoned Coal Mines in Alberta May 20, 2015 Map viewer
ST49 Drilling Activity Updated daily
ST50 Gas Processing Plants in Alberta June 30, 2020 Updated monthly
ST53 Alberta In Situ Oil Sands Production Summary June 05, 2020 Updated monthly (2 months in arrears)
ST54 Listing of Percentage of Kicks in Development Wells by Field September 12, 2000 No longer updated
ST56 Gas Production Summary July 03, 2020 Updated monthly
ST57 Field Surveillance and Operations Branch Provincial Summary June 12, 2013 Updated annually
ST58 Oil and Gas Experimental Schemes April 14, 2011 No longer updated
ST59 Alberta Drilling Activity Monthly Statistics August 31, 2023 Updated monthly
ST60 Crude Oil and Crude Bitumen Batteries Monthly Flaring, Venting, and Production Data June 24, 2020 Updated monthly (1 month in arrears)
ST60A Crude Oil and Crude Bitumen Batteries Annual Flaring, Venting, and Production October 13, 2005 No longer updated
ST60B Upstream Petroleum Industry Flaring and Venting Report October 04, 2019 Updated annually
ST96 Pipeline Approval and Disposition Daily List Updated daily
ST97 Facility Approvals Daily List Updated daily
ST98 Alberta Energy Outlook June 08, 2020 Updated annually
ST100 Pipeline Construction Notification List Updated daily
ST101 Sulphur Recovery and Sulphur Emissions at Alberta Sour Gas Plants September 07, 2012 No longer updated
ST102 Facility List July 03, 2020 Updated monthly
ST103 Field and Pool Codes July 03, 2020 Updated monthly
ST104 Business Associate (BA) codes for all registered licensees and agents June 30, 2020 Updated monthly
ST107 AER Approved Oilfield Waste Management Facilities August 23, 2019 Updated as needed
ST108 AER Monthly Enforcement Action Summary October 30, 2014 No longer updated Please see the Compliance Dashbord for the latest information.
ST110 Alberta Fuel Gas Efficiency in the Upstream Gas and Conventional Oil Industry March 28, 2012 No longer updated