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We have welcomed hundreds of delegates from around the world who wish to learn how we regulate Alberta’s energy industry. In 2013—the year we became the single provincial energy regulator—the number of delegates interested in engaging with us significantly increased.

Global Summit

With the international community requesting delegation visits about 30 times per year, the AER decided in 2017 to host its inaugural Regulatory Excellence Global Summit. The three-day event brought together around 100 delegates from 13 countries. Together, we shared information and inspired collaboration and innovation in the regulatory field.

Read more about the Global Summit or register for the next event.

Common Delegation Topics

We discuss a number of topics during delegation visits. Some main areas of interest among delegates include the following

Topic Video
2016/17 Annual Report (report) YouTube
OneStop YouTube
AER overview/regulatory framework YouTube - English | French
Drilling and Hydraulic Fracturing  in Alberta – Leading the Way YouTube
Are Alberta’s Pipelines Safe? YouTube (6 videos)
Core Research Centre YouTube

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Formal Partnerships

We have established formal partnerships with regulators and research organizations around the world to

  • learn from the experiences of others,
  • share what we know, and
  • collaborate to solve common challenges.

These partnerships include the following:

Government of the Northwest Territories 

The AER and the Government of the Northwest Territories signed a service agreement in April 2014 for the AER to provide assistance to the Northwest Territories in developing a fully functional regulatory agency—the Office of the Regulator of Oil and Gas Operations.

British Columbia Oil and Gas Commission 

In May 2014, the AER and the British Columbia Oil and Gas Commission agreed to form a strategic partnership through an MOU to enhance energy resource regulation in both Alberta and British Columbia.

Comisión Nacional de Hidrocarburos

The MOU signed in June 2014 between the AER and Mexico’s energy regulator, the Comisión Nacional de Hidrocarburos, formalizes an agreement to work collaboratively on regulatory best practices in the development of hydrocarbon resources.

Stichting Deltares

The AER’s Alberta Geological Survey and Stichting Deltares, an independent institute for applied research in the field of water and subsurface in the Netherlands, signed an MOU in December 2014 to cooperate in advancing energy regulation through hydrogeological science.

British Geological Survey

Recognizing the importance of geoscience in national sustainable development, wealth creation, environmental protection, and enhancement of the quality of life, the AER’s Alberta Geological Survey and the British Geological Survey signed a letter of intent in May 2016 that enables technical collaboration in earth sciences.

Polish Geological Institute

In recognition of the importance of geoscience in national sustainable development and environmental protection, the AER’s Alberta Geological Survey signed a letter of intent with the Polish Geological Institute in November 2017 (AGS - PGI meeting held November, 2018). This agreement facilitates the formal exchange of information as well as collaborative research efforts between the two regulators.

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Western Regulators’ Forum

The Western Regulators Forum (WRF) promotes collaboration and pursues mutual priorities among oil and gas regulators in Western Canada. It was established in 2014 under the direction and authority of the:

The WRF structure includes a board, executive committee, and secretariat of the member organizations.  The chair of these committees currently resides with BCOGC and will rotate to Saskatchewan Ministry of Energy and Resource in April 2019.

The WRF’s board has developed and approved a strategic plan that includes the vision, goals, and mandate, as well as a revised terms of reference.

The WRF is currently working on several projects including incident reporting, strategic use of standards in regulation, indigenous engagement, transparency, and pipeline regulation opportunities.

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Contact Us

To learn more about national and international relations at the AER, please email @email. If you are interested in visiting or would like to have an AER representative participate in an upcoming conference, please complete one of the forms below and send it to us at the email address above.

  • AER conference participation form [PDF]
  • Delegation presentation request form [PDF]

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