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On January 1, 2019, the Government of Alberta will release the Remediation Regulation, which replaces the former Remediation Certificate Regulation. This regulation sets out new requirements for reporting information and remedial measures related to substance releases.

For more information, see Bulletin 2018-41: The Approach to Administering the Remediation Regulation .

What’s coming?

In the coming months, the AER will announce how we will administer the Remediation Regulation. Companies and others are encouraged to visit for regular updates.

Remedial Measures

Currently, how a company manages contamination can be scaled, based on the magnitude of the substance release and on the risk that it poses to the environment and the public. The contamination management information that a company submits to the AER for new and existing releases can also vary, based on risk, such as in a Phase 2 environmental site assessment or in a remedial action plan.

Following the release of the Remediation Regulation, we will provide information about what constitutes acceptable Phase 2 environmental site assessments and remedial action plans, and about associated timelines.

The contamination management requirements and information on our website and in the Contaminated Sites Policy Framework will continue to apply.

Record of Site Condition

When companies submit contamination management information to the AER, they must include a completed AER Record of Site Condition (RoSC) form, which is used to track major environmental parameters for an assessed site. The AER RoSC form is required for all contamination management submissions under the AER’s jurisdiction.

The AER’s RoSC form must be filled out electronically, not scanned or printed, and be submitted as an independent pdf attachment.

A document called How to fill out the AER Record of Site Condition Form has been created to assist with completing the AER’s RoSC form.

Please refer to AEP’s assessment and reporting form for reporting potential site contamination occurring outside of the AER’s jurisdiction.

Voluntary Programs

Applying for a remediation certificate will continue to be voluntary.

Following the release of the Remediation Regulation, companies will have the option to participate in the limited and site-based remediation certificate programs or, where an area of land or a site meets the Alberta Tier 2 Soil and Groundwater Remediation Guidelines and does not need to be remediated, in the upcoming Tier 2 compliance letter program.

Release Reporting

Many substance releases from energy developments in Alberta—oil, oil sands, in situ, natural gas, pipeline, and coal projects—must continue to be reported to us. See our Release Reporting page for information and requirements that companies must follow.

Learn More

See our Remediation page to learn more about our contamination management requirements and expectations.