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Energy companies in Alberta must test their wells on a regular basis to

  • measure each well’s productivity and performance over time,
  • manage oil and gas reservoirs,
  • identify resources that are trapped beneath the surface, and
  • meet reservoir production and pressure requirements.

To perform a high-quality well test, companies must follow the technical procedures listed in our requirements. When each test is over, we require companies to submit their results to us.


Our Detailed Requirements



In some parts of the province, we have special regulatory requirements for development. These requirements, set out in subsurface orders, adapt our subsurface regulatory requirements for specific geological zones over specific geographic areas to better suit both the energy resource being developed and the resource development practices being used in that area.

    Compliance and Enforcement

    We conduct regular inspections and audits to make sure that companies are following our requirements. If we find that a company isn’t complying, we’ll take the appropriate compliance and enforcement actions and share our findings on the Compliance Dashboard.

    Sharing Information

    We regularly share well testing schedules in Alberta as well as submission procedures for companies to follow.