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Alberta’s first successful oil well was drilled in 1902. Since then, the world has changed dramatically—technology has advanced, methods for energy development have improved, and the global economy has put a renewed focus on the energy industry.

These days, people have access to more information than ever before, but it can be tough to know which sources are reliable. And with so much “noise,” people often feel like they are a small voice in a crowd.

The best way for us to navigate through these changing times is to engage more with our stakeholders. We aim to build and maintain strong relationships with our stakeholders and indigenous communities and listen to understand their values, interests, and concerns. 

Inside the Framework

Our Stakeholder Engagement Framework guides us as we work with Albertans, indigenous peoples, landowners, and other stakeholders to protect what matters to them. It clearly states

  • who we engage with,
  • what issues we engage on,
  • how we engage with stakeholders and indigenous peoples, and
  • what to expect when interacting with the AER.

The framework is designed to complement existing regulatory requirements for engagement and consultation found in our rulesdirectives, and other requirements.

Our Engagement Principles

Our framework is built around seven principles:

Careful planning and preparation:
Through adequate and inclusive planning, we will ensure that the design, organization, and convening of the engagement process serves a clearly defined purpose and appropriately meets the needs of the participants, including the AER.

Inclusion and demographic diversity:
We will equitably incorporate a diverse selection of people, voices, ideas, and information to lay the groundwork for quality outcomes.

Cooperation and shared purpose:
We will support and encourage participants, government, community institutions, and others to work together to advance the common good.

Openness and learning:
We will help all involved to listen to each other, explore new ideas unconstrained by predetermined outcomes, apply information in ways that generate new options, and rigorously evaluate stakeholder engagement activities for effectiveness.

Transparency and trust:
We will be clear and open about the process and will provide a public record of the organizers, participants (where acceptable), outcomes, and range of views and ideas expressed.

Impact and action:
We will ensure that each participatory effort has the potential to make a difference, and that participants are aware of that potential.

Sustained engagement and participatory culture:
We will promote an internal culture of participation and encourage external commitment to best practices that support ongoing, quality stakeholder engagement.

Contact Us

For more information on how we engage with our stakeholders, please contact our staff at the Customer Contact Centre.