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We and our predecessors have independently appraised Alberta’s energy resources since 1961. We have historically evaluated resources on a field and pool basis. We have now begun to identify new resource groups based on geological attributes and reservoir engineering properties of the formations. These groups are known as geological plays.

By appraising Alberta’s energy resources using geological plays, we can evaluate not only conventional resources but also unconventional resources. This transition from pools to plays considers changes in how the energy industry operates in Alberta, especially in how resources are being extracted using new technologies.

This play-based appraisal will help us make more risk-informed and evidence-based decisions, and more effectively plan for Alberta’s future energy development relative to regulatory and operational needs.

The play outlines are now available for download [ZIP] in the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) format.

The Workbook

We developed the Play Workbook [Tableau]—an interactive tool that provides information about the activity, production, reserves, and geology of each play—to help us understand subsurface characteristics and activity in order to plan for and regulate surface development.

As we work to understand the cumulative effects of energy development, this information will help us assess regional energy activity and its associated social, economic, and environmental effects. It will also help us identify engagement opportunities, inform policy, and direct monitoring activities and inspections.

How to Use the Workbook

We are making the Play Workbook available to the public and our other stakeholders to increase understanding of how we appraise Alberta’s energy resources and how we use this information to make decisions and plan for future energy development.

The workbook allows users to filter information by play. When a play is selected, the workbook displays information about the play’s geological attributes and about drilling activity, production, reserves, well statuses, and operators in the play. Maps and charts are used to illustrate this information and identify trends.

Play Workbook Summaries

The Play Workbook summarizes data for the following:

Play Extent and Activity: A summary of the geological characteristics, subsurface extent, well status inventory, well geometry, and producing wells for each play.

Play Reserves and Production: A summary of the produced and remaining oil and gas reserves, historical producing well count, and production volume history for each play.

Play Well Status: A summary of the current overall well status, well status history, and well counts by operator for each play. 

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