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ST97: Provides a summary of the surface facility licences issued for the day. The list includes new facilities and amendments to existing facilities covered under Directive 056.

Seven days (one week) of files are available in ASCII (text) format from the first table below. As each issue is released it supersedes the issue from the previous week. Follow the links in the first table below to get to the seven most recent daily files. Previous issues can be accessed from the monthly tables that follow.

Disclaimer: The information released in the Facility Licences Daily List is preliminary only and may be subject to change. NOTE: Saturday and Sunday reports are produced occasionally.

Current Week's Daily Files (updated nightly by 9:00 pm)


Additional data sets available

Facility Licence Report - Details and History [Tableau]
Updated daily, this report provides detailed information on facility licences in Alberta.

Facility Licence List for all of Alberta [CSV]
Updated daily, this list provides an inventory of all facility licences in Alberta.