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We have a responsibility to ensure that companies in Alberta develop energy resources in a safe and responsible manner. This includes holding companies accountable for their performance. Our industry performance program measures and discloses how companies are performing against our rules and requirements.

Purpose of the Program

It’s our responsibility to hold companies accountable for their decisions and actions, drive companies to improve their performance, and share more information with Albertans. Under the program, we

  • measure, evaluate, and report on the energy development activities that we regulate;
  • share more information about how we’re doing with Albertans;
  • help companies improve their performance; and
  • assess the effectiveness of our regulatory tools and requirements.

How It Works

For each measure we look at, we evaluate industry performance against target outcomes and priorities, which are established through government policy. Where needed, we will make refinements to our requirements to mitigate risk and achieve the outcomes that Albertans expect—public safety, environmental protection, resource conservation, and economic benefits.

The program complements our requirements and compliance assurance program, which help to ensure that companies develop energy resources safely and responsibly.

Read Our Reports

We update our industry performance reports every year. Click on a report to learn how companies in Alberta are performing:

Holding Poor Performers Accountable

Companies that perform poorly under the program receive more attention. For example, if we find that a company isn’t performing well, we’ll conduct more frequent inspections and audits. Our staff will also educate the company about our requirements, our expectations, and industry best practices.

If we find that a company is breaking the rules, we’ll take action by using one or more of our compliance and enforcement tools. Our tools might include warning letters, administrative penalties, orders, and prosecution.

Contact Us

If you have questions about our industry performance program, please contact our Customer Contact Centre.