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Since the AER was created in 2013, we’ve made great strides in improving both our regulatory design (having the right requirements to effectively regulate) and regulatory delivery (ensuring that industry is following our requirements).

Every day, and in everything we do, we deliver on five key outcomes for Alberta:

  • The environment is protected.
  • The public is safe from harm.
  • The public is confident about how energy is developed within the province.
  • The regulatory system enables economic benefit for all Albertans.
  • Energy development in Alberta is well planned.

Now, five years into our mandate, we are embarking on a new strategic plan for 2018 until 2023 that integrates the attributes of regulatory excellence—utmost integrity, empathic engagement, and stellar competence—into all of our work; sets clear outcomes and measures; and ensures that we continue to protect what matters most—public safety and the environment.

What It Looks Like

Strategic Plan diagram

Our new strategic plan is built on an updated vision: Alberta is recognized for excellence in sustainable energy development.

When we say “sustainable energy development,” we mean that our decisions will integrate environmental and economic outcomes throughout the regulatory process. We have made progress over the last few years to incorporate these factors into our decisions, and this plan will ensure that we continue this work with heightened focus.

Strategic Goals

After discussions with key stakeholders, we developed five strategic goals to help guide our decisions and deliver on our outcomes for Alberta.

  1. The development of energy resources is managed throughout the life cycle by integrating economic, environmental, and social factors, and considering industry performance.  This means that we base decisions on these factors and take into account how companies are performing.
  2. The regulatory system enables the energy transition. We enable the use of clean technologies to reduce the impacts of energy development. Drawing on our expertise and experience, we contribute to policy development surrounding the regulation of hydrocarbons and renewable energy sources.
  3. As a modern, responsive, efficient, and effective regulator, the AER contributes to Alberta’s competitiveness. We help make Alberta more competitive by ensuring that our regulatory requirements are necessary and easy to understand in order to achieve outcomes at the lowest possible cost. We also adopt best practices to protect the environment and the public, setting an example of regulatory excellence for other regulators in Alberta and beyond.
  4. Regulation of Alberta’s energy resources is improved by actively engaging indigenous peoples, stakeholders, and the public. We listen to indigenous peoples, our stakeholders, and Albertans, and carefully consider their values, interests, and concerns when carrying out our work. Sharing best practices with our peers from around the world helps us improve our regulatory system.
  5. The AER mitigates the magnitude and likelihood of potential liability exposure to Alberta. Companies (or their receivers) fulfil obligations to properly close inactive infrastructure and clean up the land. Industry remains liable for orphaned assets.

The strategic plan will help us prioritize our work and will help our staff recognize how their day-to-day work supports our overall vision and delivers outcomes for Alberta.

We’ll provide regular updates on our progress in the months ahead. In the meantime, see what we’ve accomplished in previous years in our annual reports and opinion  surveys.