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Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) meetings provide a safe environment for parties to discuss procedures, identify issues for resolution, and find a mutually acceptable solution.

While most disputes are mediated by regional AER staff trained in mediation, disputes are sometimes mediated by independent third-party mediators. This page lists third-party mediators, not employed by the AER, who have expressed an interest in working with parties experiencing energy-related disputes.

All mediators must

  • subscribe to a code of ethics or conduct of a relevant professional association or society, 
  • have working knowledge of interest-based dispute resolution techniques and sufficient related training,
  • possess documented experience,
  • hold appropriate insurance coverage, and
  • have a willingness to travel and complete orientation programs.

List of Third-Party Mediators

These mediators have relevant training and experience in resolving energy-related disputes. Other qualified mediators can be found through the ADR Institute of Alberta. This list does not certify competency or establish credentials.