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Are you an innovator—someone who is developing a new technology, product, or service? 

Whether you’re working on a basic concept or part of a product team preparing to commercialize tested technology, the AER can assess your innovation and provide information and regulatory support. By doing so, our organization gains insights into how the industry is evolving.

An innovator can be an AER-regulated licensee or anyone seeking a partnership with one.
How We Help

The AER can help innovators progress their innovation by  

  • clarifying relevant rules and regulations, 
  • facilitating information exchange within our organization, and 
  • providing regulatory support for field trials or pilots.  

However, this assessment process cannot

  • approve project applications or make regulatory decisions;
  • issue any endorsements, testimonials, or certifications;
  • act as a substitute for technical, legal, or other due diligence; or
  • help innovators find customers.

Assessment Process 

If you would like to start an assessment, please use the online form below. We’ll conduct a preliminary review to determine if your innovation falls within our jurisdiction, evaluate its readiness, and identify existing regulatory pathways. 

If your innovation is within our jurisdiction, and depending on your readiness, we can either

  • provide information and encourage you to contact us later, or 
  • help you understand and prepare for your next steps. 

Please note that your innovation will not receive final approval until it is included within an application.

In cases where a regulatory pathway doesn’t exist, we’ll gather additional information to assess how we can proceed.

We’ll respond within one week to share your next steps.

Would you like to get started? Please fill in the online form below.