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Reminder of Increased Risk During Migratory Bird Season

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Release Date: September 04, 2018


The Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) would like to remind licensees that it’s now migratory bird season in Alberta. During this period the weather can cause birds to land unexpectedly and in places where they would not normally seek to rest. This bulletin serves as a reminder of the responsibility to follow waterfowl protection plans, including ensuring that all liquid impoundments in facilities are addressed appropriately to protect migratory bird populations.

Be mindful of the fact that migratory bird season may change each year, depending on weather, and that this may require licensees to extend their bird-deterrent programs past the typical dates.

The AER also reminds licensees that certain attractants, such as vegetation around industrial ponds and ditches, could attract wildlife, including waterfowl, and should be managed to mitigate impacts.

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Mark Taylor
Executive Vice President
Operations Division