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Directive 039: Revised Program to Reduce Benzene Emissions from Glycol Dehydrators – Updated

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Release Date: June 18, 2018


The Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) announces the release of the updated edition of Directive 039: Revised Program to Reduce Benzene Emissions from Glycol Dehydrators (Directive 039), effective immediately. This edition replaces the Directive 039 published on January 22, 2013, in which benzene emissions limits from glycol dehydrators were revised. This updated edition of the directive consolidates previously documented requirements, clarifications, and best-practice guidance on the proper measurement and reporting of benzene emissions from upstream oil and gas operations. It will also ensure continued compliance with the Alberta Ambient Air Quality Objectives.

A draft of the directive was released for public feedback from December 14, 2017, to January 30, 2018. A summary of the feedback and the AER’s response is available on the Directive 039 webpage at

What’s New in This Directive

Requirements related to site-level benzene emissions from all sources (including glycol dehydrators)—requirements previously in AER Directive 060: Upstream Petroleum Industry Flaring, Incinerating, and Venting—have been moved into Directive 039. Directive 039 also clarifies how to use and report results from existing and new benzene emissions control technologies. The dehydration engineering and operations sheet and annual inventory forms have also been revised. For a complete list of all revisions to the directive, please refer to the “What’s new” section in the directive’s introduction.

Directive 039 is available on the AER website, Printed copies of the directive can be purchased from AER Order Fulfillment, Suite 1000, 250 – 5 Street SW, Calgary, Alberta T2P 0R4; telephone: 403-297-8311 or 1-855-297-8311 (toll free; option 0); fax: 403-297-7040; email: @email.

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